XCMG Buldožer TY230

buldožer ty230

Operating weight
Bare machine 19950kg
With straight tilt blade 25740kg
With straight tilt blade,scarifier 28460kg
Travel speed Gear 1/2/3
Forward 0-3.8/0-6.8/0-11.3(kw/h)
Reverse 0-4.9/0-8.2/0-13.6(km/h)
Max.traction 221kN
Ground contact length 2840mm
Ground pressure 0.076MPa
Min.ground clearance 405mm
Min.turning radius 3.3m
Track center distance 2000mm
Single (straight tilt)blade capacity 7.8m3
Productivity (haul distance 30m) 505m3/h
Max.gradeability 30°
Rated engine power/speed 169kw(230hp/2,000rpm)
Dimension(L×W×H) 5,459×3,725×3,380mm (incl.straight tilt blade)
6,790×3,725×3,472mm (incl.straight tilt blade,3-grouser scarifier and ROPS)
Model Cummins NT855-C280S100
Type Inline, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection, turbocharging
Cylinder quty.- bore×stroke 6-139.7mm×152.4mm
Piston displacement 14.01L
Min. oil consumption 231g//kW.h
Rated power 169kW±5%
Rated speed 2000r/min
Max.output torque 1033N.m/1400r/min
Torque reserve factor 1.25
Charging generator silicon rectification generator,24V,35A
Start mode Start motor, 24V, 11KW
Battery (12V-195Ah)×2


Hydraulic torque converter 3 components, single-stage, single phase
Transmission Planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, hydraulic integrated forced lubrication
Main drive Spiral bevel gear, first-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication
Steering clutch Wet, multi-disc, spring-pressed, hydraulic release
Steering brake Wet, float, direct clutch, hydraulic boost
Final drive 2-stage spur gear reduction, splash lubrication
   Travel System
Type Sprayed beam swing type, equalizing beam suspension structure
Track Single grouser combined
Grouser height 72mm
Amt.of track shoe 39×2
Track shoe width 560mm、610mm、660m
Ground contact length of track 2840mm
Pitch 216mm
Amt.of carrier wheel 2/each side 2
Amt.of supporting wheel 7/each side 7
   Working hydraulic system
Working oil pump PAL.160 gear pump
Cylinder Double acting piston type
Max.working oil pressure 13.7Mpa
Blade hoisting cylinder bore×quty. 120mm×2
Tilting cylinder inner bore×quty. 200mm×1
Soil loosening cylinder inner bore×quty. 150mm×4(1-grouser)
Control valve Spool
   Operating system
Speed regulation Manual operation, hydraulic power shifting
Steering & brake Hydraulic boosting
Throttle control Hand throttle speed up and pedal reduction
Blade control Manual, hydraulic servo follow-up
Scarifier control Manual, hydraulic servo follow-up
   Working Devices
Blade type Straight tilt blade Angle blade
Blade size(W×H) 3,725×1,390mm 4365×985mm
Max.lifting height 1210mm 1292mm
Max.tilting range 735mm
Max.cutting depth 540mm 536mm
Cutting angle(°) 55° 55°
Gradeability 30° 30°
Scarifier 3-grouser Single grouser
Max. scarification depth 665mm 695mm
Max.lifting height of scarifier 555mm 515mm
Scarifier weight 2,900kg 3,600kg