XCMG Utovarivač ZL40G(CE)

utovarivač ZL40G(CE) srbija

Overall dimensions
Overall 1ength (bucket on the ground) 7913 mm
Overall width 2580 mm
Bucket width 2786 mm
Overall height 3494 mm
Wheel base 3100 mm
Tread 2060 mm
Min. ground clearance 430 mm
Rated capacity 4000 kg
Bucket volume 2.4 m3 (Standard bucket)
Operating weight 14500kg
Traveling speeds Forward                Reverse
7km/h 7km/h
12km/h 12km/h
23 km/h 23 km/h
36 km/h
Max. tractive force 123 KN
Max. climbing gradient 28 º
Max. dumping angle 45 º
Max. dumping height ≥2841 mm
Dumping reach ≥1100 mm
Dumping angle of bucket ≥45 º
Max. Breakout force
Breakout force of bucket 130 KN
Maximum digging depth 88mm
Lifting time of boom ≤5.5 S
Total cycling time ≤10.5 S
Min. Turning radius
Outside of the bucket 6905 mm
Center of the tyre 5946 mm
Turning angle of the chassis 35 º
Oscillating angle of the rear axle ±12 º
4.2.3 Engine
Model SC8D
Type 6-cylinder, four-stroke, turbo super-charged
Rated power 125kW
Rated speed 2200r/min
Maximum Torque 700 N∙m
Rated fuel consumption ratio 210g/kW.h
Start method Electrical start
Flameout method Electrical  flameout
4.2.4 Transmission system
A. Torque converter
Model YJH340_1703
Type 1 stage, 3-elements
Conversion coefficient K=2.252
Cooling method Oil cooling-pressure circulating type
Oil inlet pressure 0.85MPa
Oil outlet pressure 0.25MPa
B. Gearbox
Model WG180
Type Electro-hydro shift
Gear number 4 forward and 3 reverse
Transmission ratio Forward Reverse
3.918 3.918
2.366 2.366
1.125 1.125
Working pressure of transmission pump 1.6~1.8MPa
Displacement and speed of transmission oil pump 80l/min/2200r/min
C. Front and rear axle
Axle model Meritor:
20/18MRF-C214GB (Front axle)
20/18MRF-C214GC (Rear axle)
Main reducer
Type Spiral gear-one stage deceleration
Speed ratio 5.286
Hub reducer
Type One stage-planetary deceleration
Speed ratio 4.26
Connection type of front axle Rigid connection with chassis
Connection type of rear axle Swing
4.2.5 Tyres
Tyre specification 20.5-25
Inflating pressure Fore tyre: 0.30—0.32MPa
Rear tyre: 0.27—0.29MPa
4.2.6 Braking system
Foot brake Oil disc braking on 4 wheels (Meritor)
Braking air pressure 684~786kPa
Hand brake Soft shaft operation, inner expanding shoe type
4.2.7 Steering system
Type Articulation, flow magnifying type, hydraulic steering
Model of steering device TLF1-E1000C
Steering pump model CBGJ2063C
Displacement of oil pump 63ml/r
System pressure 21MPa
Maximum steering angle 35º
4.2.8 Hydraulic system of working equipment
Model of working oil pump CBGJ2063R
Displacement of oil pump 63ml/r
System pressure 21MPa
Model of multi-way redirection valve D32
3-valve core with 6-way; 4-valve core with 6-way
Pilot valve DXS-00
4.2.9 Oil liquid volume
Fuel 200 L
SC8D 20L
Gearbox oil/Torque converter oil
WG180 28L
Working hydraulic oil 160 L
Gear oil for driving axle
Meritor 36 L