XCMG bager XE210C(CE)

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Model Unit XE210C
Operating weight kg 21000-22000
Bucket capacity m3 0.8-1.2
Engine Model QSB6.7
Pattern Electrically-controlled direct spraying
Water cooling
Air-air intercooler
Quantity of cylinders 6
Rated power/rotating speed kW/ r/min 116 /2000
Maximum torque/rotating speed N.m 622/1500
Displacement L 6.494
Main performance Running speed (high/low) km/h 5.4/3.1
Climbing capability % 70
Rotating speed r/min 11.8
Ground specific pressure kPa 51.7
Bucket digging force kN 149
Digging force of bucket rod kN 111
Hydraulic system Main pump K3V112DT
Rated flow of main pump L/min 2×210
Pressure of main safety valve MPa 34.3/37
Pressure of pilot system MPa 3.9
Oil capacity Volume of fuel tank L 420
Volume of hydraulic oil tank L 300
Capacity of engine oil L 20
External dimension A Total length mm 9625
B Total width mm 2990
C Total height mm 3100
D Width of upper part mm 2830
E Track length mm 4255
F Total width of chassis mm 2990
G Standard track board width mm 600
H Track wheel base mm 3462
I Track gauge mm 2390
J Ground clearance of counter weight mm 1056
K The lowest ground clearance mm 475
L Rotating radius of the tail mm 2985
Working range A Maximum digging height mm 9620
B Maximum unloading height mm 6780
C Maximum digging depth mm 6680
D Digging depth of 8 feet horizontal plane mm 6500
E Maximum vertical digging depth mm 5715
F Maximum digging radius mm 9940
G Maximum digging radius of ground plane mm 9780
H Minimum rotating radius mm 3530